Scalability is often mistaken as synonym for performance, while there is a clear distinction between the two. Performance can be measured considering the unity while for scalability you have to measure it against a larger user base.

You have an e-commerce web application for your business, that has all the desired features – it can process data before you wink, it is secured, it has fantastic user interface, it has comprehensive and customizable reporting engine associated. With popularity, soon the the push from the paid traffic starts heading your way. Now inspite of the features that you can provide, users don’t get their share of application.

Well… here comes the need for scalability of web application.

Application scaling enables your application to react to changes in traffic and automatically allocate the necessary resources to handle your current demand.

Whether its read intensive or write intensive application, we can help you scale it up.

  • Web traffic monitoring
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Dynamic switching
  • Load balancers
  • Database redundancy
  • Database optimization
  • Better caching
  • Storage management
  • Firewalls