In today’s world IT monitoring is useful than ever before. In order to offer high quality to customers you need to constantly not only monitor your website, applications or both – but take action when an alert arises. We understand that at Giga Promoters very well. That is why our monitoring solutions are not based on conventional approach of just alerting the administrator.

Some common features of our monitoring solution:

  • Common monitoring platform for all your infrastructure: software, hardware, services and website
  • Automatic logging of the problem to your issue manager
  • Different alert systems like SMS, E-mail, and Automated Call etc.
  • Downtime logging
  • Tracking of important metrics like MTTR (Mean Time To Recover)
  • Verifying team alignment to solve the problem when an issue arises using drill tests
  • Host yourself or with us
  • Collection of application dump
  • Multiple agents to monitor for websites
  • No maintenance fee required ever!
  • Monitor a process, service or an application on hardware


Components of hardware monitoring system


Components of website monitoring system