Are you an author of any type of digital media like ebooks/softwares/photographs etc.? Once your content is made publicly available for free on an illegal forum or a file sharing website, the revenues fall down very fast, and longer it says ripple affect follows as more and more users mirror your content. That is why we offer copyright violation detection service, which helps you locate these sources and take action in time. For any kind of digital media, this is an ongoing process and is performed periodically.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Detailed study of your product to extract out unique terms to locate your content across Internet
  • Automatic discovery of pages where such violation can be found
  • Unique technology to gain access to many underground/protected websites to scan for violation
  • Setup of alerts when a violation is found
  • Complete framework for lodging, managing and closing the complaint with data centers
  • Traffic analysis of your website to extract suspicious referrer pages or sudden increase of bandwidth
  • Assistance in escalating cases from webmaster to hosting support to data center
  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly scans depending on product type and popularity