Software installation and configuration traditionally involves multi step processes some of which are error prone and some require strict ways to be followed, this sometimes lead to complexities, that is why traditionally application vendors required a team of experts especially for the deployment, which raised the overheads for both vendor and customer.

Additionally, the customer needs to arrange operating system, the application, DBMS, libraries on which application depends.

A software appliance on the other hand is a full application stack containing the operating system, the application software, required dependencies, configuration and data files required to operate. Everything is pre-installed, pre-integrated, and ready to run.

Why it helps?

  • This drastically improves the deployment cycle
  • Makes software delivery much easier
  • The experts are needed not for individual installation, but at the time when an appliance need to be developed
  • Makes your deployment process more scalable and manageable

We study all dependencies, OS configuration and middlewares required by your application to run, and provide you with required toolset to enable application delivery as software appliances to your customers.