Have you considered delivering application on cloud i.e. Software as a Service model? SaaS is new buzz in the market because new customers prefer paying small monthly fee for the software they want to use rather than spending big one-time cost for licensing a software which they might stop using after 3 months.

SaaS-ification is a process that transforms your application into a cloud enabled application.

More and more organizations are deploying their applications over the cloud these days, the need arises because of :

  • Growing number of users of an application and the overheads required to keep every installation updated

  • More number of SMEs are growing with their need to have web presence, but cannot afford to invest in hardware and maintenance.

  • People who want to try an application don’t want to invest upfront in hardware and other resources

  • Eliminates the need of installing, configuring and deploying the applications

  • Lower maintenance cost and improved margins

Organizations willing to cloud enable their application may face these limitations:

  • The existing team might be lacking the skills to work out cloud applications

  • The efforts might better be invested in developing new applications with promising features.

How we can help:

  • Dedicated team with expertise in cloud enabling web applications

  • Proven track record

  • Faster deployment

  • Auto-scaling

  • Better monitoring

  • Economic ‘Pay As You Use’ model

We provide a way to SaaS-ify legacy applications with minimum changes to legacy applications. These changes will benefit SaaS customers as well as on-premise customers.

Note: Currently we provide this service for PHP applications only.