DevOps is a relatively new term, with a goal to mitigate the classic disconnect between the development and operations teams through better alignment.

DevOps puts the proper focus on improved communication and knowledge sharing that can help address the lag in productive interactions.

Some facts:

  • Up to 50% of applications released to production are later rolled back.

  • 51% of projects are over budget and often lack critical features.

  • 60 – 80% of the cost of software development is rework.

We provide agile, scalable and flexible solutions for end-to-end lifecycle management and automation, creating an environment that takes collaboration between development and operation teams to the next level.

Our solution enables:

  • Increase agility

  • Faster development

  • Automated testing

  • Higher deployment rates

  • Visibility for delivery bottlenecks

  • Error minimization during the entire lifecycle of development → test → deployment

  • Scalable delivery processes

  • Increased stability, reliability of production

  • Common understanding of quality and performance between Development, Test and Operations …. and

  • Harmony