Traditionally in an enterprise, each computer, whether it is a desktop PC, a server in a data center, or a kiosk-type device, is managed as an individual entity. It costs time and money to set up, update, support and ultimately decommission each computer. The initial cost of the machine is often dwarfed by operational costs. This is a poor approach and very expensive to an organization in long-run. Not to mention, when done manually, deployments are often faulty and error-prone.

Our solution helps you avoid such situation and save huge administrative costs each year.

Our automatic provisioning service will enable your enterprise to:

  • Initialize new hardware automatically; be it a desktop PC, a new server, a VM or a kiosk
  • Bring down installation time from days-to-hours or hours-to-minutes literally
  • Have an easy to tweak and modify configuration layer
  • Reduce administrative costs spent in fixing and initializing systems manually
  • Deploy any number of nodes without any human intervention
  • Have an option to choose from multiple methodologies for provisioning
  • Have secure central administrative panel to view whole IT infrastructure or nodes

Technologies Used:

  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Virtualization
  • and more..