A computer appliance is generally a separate and discrete hardware device with integrated software (firmware), specifically designed to provide a specific computing resource. The hardware and software are pre-integrated and pre-configured before delivery to customer, to provide a “turn-key” solution to a particular problem.┬áBy tightly constraining the variations of the hardware and software, the appliance becomes easily deployable by freeing users from having to worry about resolving potentially complex operating system compatibility issues, library dependencies or undesirable interactions with other applications.As importantly, when problems and errors appear, the supporting staff very rarely needs to explore them deeply and to understand the matter thoroughly.

Any type of applications can be distributed on computer appliance; this is especially recommended for industrial deployments where you require very efficient deployments.

We can help in several areas:

  • Integration of OS, libraries and other dependencies required by your application
  • Development of virtual appliances before any investment in hardware front
  • Development of running prototype before bulk production for testing viability using universal boards
  • Ensuring that appliance meets requirements by extensive testing
  • Assistance in bulk manufacturing of required hardware
  • Making generic or custom designed packaging material (along with prototypes) available at best market rates
  • Ensuring all safety standards (EN / IEC 60950)