Do you have an idea for trading the markets? If yes, you need to program your strategy first and measure how well it performs on historical data. Not only we help you code your strategy, but we also provide backtesting service as well.  We help you convert your theoretic trading strategy in a code form which then allows you to a readjust, validate, optimize it and even automate trading (if required).

We can develop your strategy in almost any charting software of your choice. We recommend: Meta Trader, Meta Stock, eSignal 11, Trade station, Ninja Trader, AmiBroker. But even if your preferred charting software is not in list, don’t worry – we can still help you out.

Optionally, we can also backtest your strategy and analyze how efficient it is against historical data. There are hundred ways of doing it wrong and only a few to do it right. We take care of several factors while testing your strategy, like data-snooping bias, adjustments for survivor-ship bias, psychological factor of drawdown and confidence etc.

Another option with this service is strategy optimization. You may have a great profitable strategy, but is it at its full potential. Are you sure it can’t be fine-tuned to be 10% or 20% more profitable? We will help you find answers to such questions by optimizing your strategy. The basic optimization rule is “don’t do too much of it”. We honor that and just do right amount of optimization which stays profitable in years to come.

How it works?

You provide us your idea of the strategy in a simple text format along with your preferred time-interval and markets of your choice. This can be equities / futures / options. Send it to us, and we’ll get back to you with the quote.