Managing customer expecations and providing support is a difficult job but should be taken seriously. We can provide your customers with expert technical support so that you focus on your core offerings only. We not only answer customers, we interact with them and with your core team. Over the time, we build a framework which makes whole process smooth and self-improving. We also study your business process and customer lifecycle to build a unique workflow for providing support.

We offer:

  • Great technicians experienced with various issue management solutions like Kayako, Zendesk and more…
  • Creation/Updating of knowledge-base and FAQ’s while providing support
  • Time tracking per ticket/per product/ per department
  • Weekly reports for you to analyze performance
  • Monitoring of social media, email and web based forms to provide answers to your customers.
  • Online and On-call support for your customers
  • Platform for collaboration between support executives and developers
  • Self improving model for replying queries
  • Periodical feedback reports and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Issue lifecycle design and workflow
  • Scheduled 5-whys analysis at the end of weekly or monthly cycle to make customer support more efficient
  • Problem analysis and troubleshooting
  • Flexible billing on per issue basis or per hour basis
  • Integration with other business processes, CRM and 3rd party tools when needed
  • Fully scalable: You decide your desired turnaround time, we’ll take care of staffing
  • Professional management in times of crisis like emergencies or server failures