To survive in competition, the most valuable asset that you may possess is the data, the data that brings edge to your business, and keep you ahead of others. Web scraping or data mining from Internet is the way to download and process data you need.

Internet as we know is a huge data bank. Websites show the data to you, but do they make the data really accessible? Well… the answer is No! If you are looking for a single piece of information then it is fine, but, what if you want larger data to be made available for you on your local machine in a way you want, so that you can use that data.

Whether you

  • Are a researcher, or

  • Are a business analyst, or

  • Want to generate data for leads,

We promise to be craftsmen who make the raw data over the net available to you in a manner you desire, and is directly usable for your business.

Our reporting engine processes the data analytically and brings out customizable reports for you, if this not all extracted data is stored in database so that your business applications can also access and process for their use. You have an option of configuring the tool so that data is extracted in an anonymous way using a proxy, if you want your identity to not to be disclosed.