The larger portion of investments by an organization is towards increasing the marketing and sales related activities. But how much of their investments and efforts have faired during a course of time, is a crucial finding, sales dashboards helps bringing out the information after accurate analysis.

  • For many, the term sales dashboard or dashboard in general looks a marketing gimmick.

  • Some feel that due to the smaller size (compared to the larger enterprises) of their business the sales dashboard kind of things are just an extra investment which may not give them returns

  • Some are using a reporting tool that apply some algorithm of sorting or grouping the data and presents the results which is far from comprehensive data analysis

  • For some who use dashboard (which according to its vendor is), leaves the user either clueless or often flooded with unnecessary data.

On the other hand, what we offer is a highly customized dashboard solution which is made as to report the metrics which you want to monitor and which actually helps your business.

Our SFA solution helps:

  • Targets v/s actual business analysis

  • Calls → Follow ups → Conversion analysis

  • 360 degrees visibility

  • Competition monitoring

  • Comparative analysis

    • Products

    • Markets

    • Period

    • Competition