Both positive and negative repute tend to follow a multiplier effect, i.e. it follows 1 → 2 → 4 → 16 path instead of 1 → 2 → 3 → 4. In today’s world when someone before dealing with you can scan each and every piece of information available about  your company on the web, considering the above fact a negative repute can really be fatal for the progress of your business.

It is a known fact that positive conception can be easily converted into negative one, but converting a negative conception into a positive one is quite difficult.

Our Brand reputation management and monitoring solution help business improve its reputation by

  • Creating positive image for your brand
  • Monitoring the web activities that may affect your reputation with intelligent automated knowledge discovery engines
  • Increasing the accessibility (rank) of your site and other sites that improve the repute of your business
  • Decreasing the acceptability (rank) or remove the negative repute
  • Management of external content like sites, blogs, articles, press releases and likes